• No need to pay single Rupee (Cent) to get and start these free data entry works as our team members.
  • Maximum we accept payment requests up-to Friday only on Saturday.
  • You should follow all of our team member instructions before starting any work of our website and/or software.

  • Maximum we are providing all of the mentioned works with 100% free of cost and paying weekly through various payment processors all over the world.

  • We accept all the providing free data entry works payment requests are every Saturdays only, if team member did complete minimum target on the allotted work.

  • Weekly we process all the team members payment requests i.e. every Tuesday to Wednesday or Some times Monday also we process payments if any technical problems on Tuesday to Wednesday.

  • Every free data entry team member should take their work payment (Minimum payment is $10) at-least once in a month, otherwise those all work earnings may be removed or cancelled, PLEASE REMEMBER & BE CAREFUL.
  • If you neglect our instructions and do work, you may be banned(suspended or removed) from our team permanently without any notice.
  • Please don’t put any downloads while you are working, if you do like that images(work) will become slow and it will be effect to your accuracy.
  • In India all the team member payments are directly transferred to their bank accounts according to our team member instructions $(dollar) rate.
  • As our free data entry team member, 1st month counts on from the joining date to next month ending date and after onwards month 1st to next month 1st, as our team member. (i.e. if you join as our team member on any date from a month like December 3rd 2012 or December 10th 2012 or December 17th 2012 or December 29th 2012, then 1st month we calculate January ending i.e. January 31st 2013. After onwards we calculate from 1st to 1st i.e. February 1st to March 1st).
  • Mostly minimum amount to transfer in India banks are only $10 and We pay $1 = 40 Rupees as our team free data entry team member.
  • We pay via Web Money or Perfect Money  for foreigners in this free data entry work with 15% (Web Money) or 20% (Perfect Money) service charges on every payment request.
  • We will place all of your payment proofs every week in our website on payment proofs page. You can check your payment proofs online at any time and any where.
  • If you have any doubt about our service please contact us on contact us page, we are always ready to help you.