Small BTC Instant Payments Plan

 Small BTC Member to Member Instant Payments(Donations) Plan

Small BTC

Small BTC is a member to member instant payments plan. No more waiting for payments i.e. all payments (donations) will receive instantly. Small BTC plan will remove your all financial worries within a month and makes you happy, it’s my promise. 100% satisfaction guaranteed on Small BTC member to member donation plan. Website name is In this work you can get payments instantly, not need to wait week or month. I received some payments (donations) also within seconds.Small BTC Earnings Estimation Chart 2,00,000

Small BTC is a member to member instant payment system. Here BTC means Bitcoin i.e. short name of bitcoin is BTC (Like short name of dollar is USD or Like short name of Indian Rupee is INR like that). All our payments should be sent and receive via bitcoin only.  So we need a bitcoin account to start this Small BTC work. Simply your all Small BTC payments (Donations) will receive to your most secured bitcoin wallet like PayPal account. You can exchange very easily from bitcoin (BTC) to any currency like INR, USD etc currencies.

So you need a bitcoin account to start this Small BTC work. Before starting Small BTC work, you should clear following doubts about bitcoin. Like Bitcoin wallet, Operating process, Value of a bitcoin, Use of bitcoins etc. In google Just type BTC to INR or BTC to USD or BTC to any currency to know the value of a bitcoin.

Features of Small BTC Instant payments plan

  • Very very low investment is there to start this Small BTC work i.e. just 0.02 BTC.
  • Possibility to earn 34,00,000+ (34 Lakhs+) INR or $48571+ per month as per today (10th June 2017) exchange rate.
  • Instant payments, not need to wait week or month for payments. All payments will receive instantly i.e. automatically.
  • Website randomly allot referrals under our team who comes (entered) without referral link using spillover option.
  • Payments (Donations) will receive instantly when user (member) upgrade their level.
  • Risk free (There is no risk), because website owner does not process payments (donations), payments will receive automatically to our most secured bitcoin wallet.
  • BTC (Bitcoin) to any currency (like INR, USD etc) conversion (exchange) is very very dead easy.
  • Bitcoin wallet means like our personal bank account. Bitcoin wallet amount transferable to our local bank very easily.
  • and many more features will update soon.

How to exchange bitcoin to INR (Indian Currency Real Time)

In India, there are 3 official trusted exchangers are there to exchange bitcoin to INR (Indian Currency). But we should need a Bank Account and PAN Card for verification process. You can buy or sell bitcoins via below mentioned bitcoin trading websites instantly. Those are

  • UNOCOIN (Website – – System and Mobile App based trading website. (Buy, Sell and Trade) – Verification process easy – Operating process also very easy.
  • COIN SECURE (Website – – System and Mobile App based trading website. (Buy, Sell and Trade) – Verification process little bit confuse  – Operating process OK
  • ZEB PAY (Website – – Mobile App based trading website. (Buy, Sell and Trade) – Verification process dead easy  – Operating process very very dead easy.

Very very small donation (Investment) is there to start Small BTC work. Do you know the value of a bitcoin? Today (10th June 2017) 1 bitcoin value is 2,00,000+ INR ($2857+). To start this Small BTC work, you just need 0.02 BTC investment (Admin maintenance donation 0.01 BTC and Sponsor donation 0.01 BTC, total 0.02 BTC) in-order to earn maximum 34 lakhs+ (34,00,000+ INR or 48571+ USD) per month. Upto 6 levels of income. Your donation (Investment) will completely reverse on your 1st level only. From 2nd level onwards you will receive unimaginable huge instant profits. From 2nd level onwards your work is just managing your account, followup your team.

After registration, in Small BTC every member (user) main work is ready to donate (invest) 0.02 BTC, Introduce (Join or Refer) 2 referrals (participants), then each member should ready to invest just 0.02 BTC like you (Admin fee 0.01 BTC and 1st level upgrade fee 0.01 BTC within 48 hours) and they also do the same process. This is applied for all members (users) who joined in our Small BTC website. Within 48 hours if member fails to upgrade their level from Standard member to Bronze Team Leader by paying 0.02 BTC, then that account will be remove automatically when timer hits 0 (Zero). Maximum possibility earnings per month is 34 lakhs+ (34,00,000+ INR or 48571+ USD).

When user upgrade (donate) that specified level, then you receive those donations instantly. You don’t have any knowledge about bitcoin payment processor and work? Don’t worry, I can explain clearly and supports you to create bitcoin wallet, operating system, Earning techniques, bitcoins to local currency (INR or USD etc) exchange process all.

  • More doubts? Please fill the below mentioned form to clear your doubts about Small BTC member to member donation plan, I am ready to help you, happy earnings.

Small BTC Donation Plan