• No need to pay single Rupee(Cent) to get and start this qlinkgroup work as our team members.
  • Every qlinkgroup team member should type at-least 5000  or above correct captchas (images) i.e. like =(5000X0.6)/1000 = $3 on the allotted qlinkgroup account on every week in-order to process your payment. Otherwise on that particular week those all qlinkgroup id work earnings will be removed or cancelled, PLEASE REMEMBER & BE CAREFUL.

  • Week counts on Friday 12.01AM and ends on next Thursday 11.59PM according to Qlinkgroup server time.

  • Minimum payment request is $3 i.e. 5000 correct captchas (images).

  • Each captcha should be solve within 15 Sec. Otherwise you will get suspended 1st, then permanently suspended. 

  • After completion of your work, when you want to stop work on qlinkgroup software type last captcha(image) and then click Stop(Ctrl+Enter) button to stop the qlinkgroup work, IT SHOULD BE MUST & SHOULD.
  • Please place your payment request up-to Thursday only on Saturday.


  • We are providing this qlinkgroup work user id’s 100% free of cost and paying weekly through various payment processors all over the world.

  • Qlinkgroup rate is per 1000 images are 60 cents ($0.60) on 24 hours.

  • Qlinkgroup work payment requests are accepted on every Saturdays only, if team member did complete minimum target $3(5000 total correct captchas = $3) on the allotted qlinkgroup work id.

  • Calculate your qlinkgroup earnings of the following formula =(Total Good CaptchasX0.60)/1000 like =(5000X0.6)/1000 = $3

  • Week starts on Saturday 12.01AM and ends on next Saturday 11.59PM.
  • Minimum payment is $3(5000 total captchas = $3) of every qlinkgroup work team member.
  • Check your total captchas on Details and Stats on the qlinkgroup website of allotted qlinkgroup user id.
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  • Qlinkgroup team members payments are weekly & processed every Tuesday to Wednesday.

  • To check your total captchas, please CLICK HERE.

  • If any qlinkgroup id’s or moved to complete banned status we are unable re-open such type of accounts and all that id earnings also cancelled, please remember.

  • Every qlinkgroup team member should take their qlinkgroup work payment on every week, otherwise those all qlinkgroup work earnings will be removed or cancelled, PLEASE REMEMBER & BE CAREFUL.

  • Any operator candidate approved, but not used within 72 hours will be removed.

  • Any qlinkgroup work account In-Active more than 14 days  will be remove without any intimation or will give another worker with intimation via mail, SO PLEASE REMEMBER & BE CAREFUL.

  • We are processed and issued on every team member qlinkgroup work payments only once in a week.
  • You should need a team leader to get this qlinkgroup server user Id’s. 


  • We pay $1 = 40 Rupees of our team members from India in this qlinkgroup work.

  • We will charge 15% (web money) or 20% (perfect money) service charges on every payment request, if you are living out of India.

  • For only Indians, don’t need to create any online account to do this qlinkgroup work and need only any Indian bank account.
  • We are always check our team member statistics and our team member should give 90%+ accuracy of the assigned qlinkgroup work, otherwise we will remove those team member accounts immediately without any warning.
  • Currently we are providing only 1 qlinkgroup work id and free qlinkgroup website official software of our every team member.

  • We are always support our team members & give full support in this qlinkgroup work.

  • Please don’t put any downloads while you are working on qlinkgroup work website and/or qlinkgroup work software, if you do like that images(work) will become slow and it will be effect to your accuracy.


  • To know all work details about Qlinkgroup and applying process, please CLICK HERE.

  • To place Qlinkgroup payment request, please CLICK HERE.