• Please provide your genuine details to create PayPal Verified online payment processor.

  • Don’t give fake details this PayPal Verified account, if you do like that your transactions may be in RISK, SO BE CAREFUL.



  • STEP 1: To verify PayPal account you should need a PAN CARD (Indian Users), PLEASE REMEMBER.

  • STEP 2: To go PayPal website please CLICK HERE.

  • STEP 3: Click Sign Up button.

  • STEP 4: To go directly on PayPal Sign Up page please CLICK HERE.

  • STEP 5: Select Personal and Click Get Started button.

  • STEP 6: Enter the all details on the corresponded fields.

  • STEP 7: Enter your GENUINE DETAILS only.

  • STEP 8: Details should be matched to your bank account, otherwise PayPal will not verify your account.

  • STEP 9: On this situation, you may face problems on your PayPal account while your withdraw dollars to your PayPal account.

  • STEP 10: Enter your Credit or Debit Card Number on the corresponded field, it is MUST and SHOULD.


  • STEP 11: PayPal now accepting only VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER & AMEX cards only, not accepting Maestro Cards.

  • STEP 12: Click Agree and Create Account button.

  • STEP 13: After entering Credit or Debit card details PayPal will deduct some small amount to your Credit or Debit card(bank account), usually below 75 to 100 rupees(India).

  • STEP 14: After entering Credit or Debit card details, please check your net banking or ATM mini statement or bank statement.

  • STEP 15: PayPal will send a VERIFICATION CODE to your bank account.

  • STEP 16: Enter that VERIFICATION CODE on your PayPal Account in the required field to verify your Credit or Debit card.

  • STEP 17: Enter your PayPal account using your PayPal Email ID and Password.

  • STEP 18: Enter that Credit or Debit Card VERIFICATION CODE on the corresponded field to confirm your PayPal account.

  • STEP 19: Now steps to add your Bank Account to your PayPal account.

  • STEP 20: Click Add Bank Account button on the top right corner of your PayPal account.


  • STEP 21: Enter your bank details on the corresponded fields.

  • STEP 22: Click Submit button.

  • STEP 23: Check your bank statement or ATM mini statement after 3 to 7 business days.

  • STEP 24: PayPal will deposit some amount with the VERIFICATION CODE, usually PayPal will deposit 35paisa to 70paisa(In India).

  • STEP 25: Enter that VERIFICATION CODE to the required field on your PayPal account to confirm your bank account on your PayPal Account.

That’s it, your PayPal account is FULLY VERIFIED and CREATED.





    How to sign up in this website. Please I am searching for new signup. Can you send me details.

  2. Raja Post author

    Use “Cross border delivery of goods and services” as a purpose code

  3. kalpesh

    Please tell me, which type will be add on paypal account in Provide Purpose Code.

  4. Raja Post author

    Please check our website properly, then you can get answer of your question.

  5. selvi

    hi sir

    i want to start working for data entry am confused please help with login details and sofware link to start working

  6. Venkatesh

    Can i withdraw paypal dollars in to my local bank account?

  7. Raja Post author

    There is no problem at all. Add your bank a/c no, a/c name etc details that’s it, they will send you the a small 2 deposits to your account, then you can enter those small amounts to your paypal account. Then only they will verify your bank account.

  8. shashikant

    My name on paypal a/c same as my pan card name it is jadhav shashikant chandrakant but, my name on bank a/c is shashikant chandrakant jadhav.
    Can paypal allow this? Or not? It confusing.
    How i get verify my bank a/c?
    Please help,
    Thank you

  9. Raja Post author

    We think your bank details are already someone added to their paypal account i.e. your friends or family members etc.

  10. r.ragunath

    sir,today 13-7-2014 i am create new paypal individuals.i have successfully verified my email,pan card and purpose code,but i cant able to confirm my bank says error this bank account already assigned to another paypal account,pls try to add another bank account.what is the wrong.pls note: i am new before i am not create any paypal account. but i am not successful why can u help me sir

  11. Raja Post author

    What is your main problem, which work done, we can’t understand clearly…..

  12. sandeep

    Last 17th may 2014 the dollers are not came my paypal account. Why I don’t understand, please reply me. what is the reason?

  13. tanmoy

    Sir, is there any withdrawal charges to my bank account?

  14. Raja Post author

    Ok, please contact us on our contact us page if you find any difficulty on PayPal Creation.

  15. hassan


    I have recently created an paypal account and finding some difficulty in completing some tasks purpose code, confirming bank account details etc. So kindly help in selecting the purpose code and process for confirming the account details.


  16. janaki


    I was member for the past 1 month. Since few days onwards I have been trying to login to my account to type, but not accessible. Why it is not opening?


  17. Free data entry Post author

    1 Ans. No need any debit or credit card to create paypal account.
    2 Ans. Yes it take’s any centralized bank account like SBI, SBH, ICICI, HDFC, BANK OF MAHARASTRA etc..
    3 Ans. After receive $, they will send your money 5 to 7 business days and they mostly sent 3 to 5 business days. They will convert your dollars into Indian Rupees and send to your bank account directly. They will show on your Paypal account how much amount you will receive to your bank account.

  18. yogendra yadav

    Hello sir,

    Please clear it my doubts to make Paypal account.
    1. I do not have any debit card or credit card so whats do?
    2. I have bank details it takes any bank detail like maharashtra or…….
    3. At least minimum days they send the amount in my bank to verify and its BIG QUESTION to me sir, please tell me. How I know it how much money they send me to my account? When it send me how can I know this please? Reply me these detailed answers in my id as soon as possible.

  19. Free data entry Post author

    Paypal accepts credit and debit cards. You can add your master or VISA card on your account. If you add debit card, then u can easily withdraw funds from your paypal account high speed.


  20. kumaresh t k


    I have a paypal account. In that i added the pancard & i added bank account & they make some small amounts and i confirm that in their website. Now my account is verified. My question is shall I need to add my debit card details or it is not necessary. Where to update the debit card details. I saw that there is only the option for adding the credit card details. Please clarify my doubt.

    Thank you

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