• No need to pay single Rupee (Cent) to get and start this work of our team members.
  • We are providing this work user id’s 100% free of cost and paying weekly through various payment processors all over the world.
  • Captcha2cash work payment requests are accepted on every Saturdays only, if team member did complete minimum target $10 or more on the allotted 2 captcha2cash work id’s like 4+8, 8+2, 5+15, 6+7 etc.

  • Week starts on Saturday 12.01AM and ends on next Saturday 11.59PM.
  • Minimum payment is $0.1 from this work website of every captcha2cash work individual account(Please ignore this point as our team member if you did not complete minimum target $10 of allotted total 3 accounts).
  • Minimum payment is $10 or more of every captcha2cash work team member.

  • Check your total balances on this software which is allotted by us of allotted total 2 user details.

  • As our captcha2cash team member you can only access your allotted accounts on software and you can’t access your allotted accounts directly on captcha2cash website due to some security reasons, PLEASE REMEMBER.

  • If you are not reach minimum payment $10 on that particular week, then your  work balance will carry forward to next week.
  • Captcha2cash team members payments are weekly & processed every Tuesday to Wednesday.

  • If any captcha2cash id’s are moved to banned or suspended status we are unable re-open such type of accounts and all that id earnings also cancelled, please remember.

  • Every captcha2cash team member should take their captcha2cash work payment at-least once in a month, otherwise those all work earnings are removed or cancelled, PLEASE REMEMBER & BE CAREFUL.

  • As our captcha2cash team member, 1st month counts on from the joining date to next month ending date and after onwards month 1st to next month 1st of captcha2cash work, as our team member. (i.e. if you join as our team member on any date from a month like December 3rd 2012 or December 10th 2012 or December 17th 2012 or December 29th 2012 then 1st month to next month ending we will count(calculate) i.e. January 31st 2013 and then onwards month counts (calculate) from February 1st to March 1st).
  • We are processed and issued on every team member work payments only once in a week. 
  • We pay $1 = 40 Rupees of our team members from India in this captcha2cash work.

  • We will charge 15% (web money) or 20% (perfect money) service charges on every captcha2cash payment request, if you are living out of India.

  • For only Indians, don’t need to create any online account to do this captcha2cash work and need only any Indian bank account.
  • We are always check our team member statistics and our team member should give 70%+ accuracy of the assigned captcha2cash work, otherwise we will remove those team member accounts immediately without any warning.
  • Any captcha2cash work account In-Active more than 1 week (7days) will be remove without any intimation, SO PLEASE REMEMBER & BE CAREFUL.

  • Currently we are providing 2 captcha2cash work id’s and free software of our every team member.
  • We are always support our team members & give full support in this captcha2cash work.
  • Please don’t put any downloads while you are working on this work website or captcha2cash work software, if you do like that images(work) will become slow and it will be effect to your accuracy.
  • To know all work details about Captcha2cash and applying process, please CLICK HERE.

  • To place Captcha2cash payment request, please CLICK HERE.