Hi, this is Raja, Managing Director of FREE DATA ENTRY. I am from Vizag(Visakhapatnam), Gajuwaka, Andhra Pradesh, India. I completed my B.SC. in 2006 at Visakhapatnam. I did my schooling & Intermediate education at Narsipatnam which is 100KM near from Visakhapatnam. We shifted here(Visakhapatnam) for my father job purpose. Present my father is a retired government employee worked in a fire department & my mother is a home maker. I have two brothers and one sister. My sister has married. My elder brother Ravi has working in a Sun flower Oil company as an accountant, he was also married. And my second brother is physically handicapped(deaf and dumb) person, not married.


My hobbies are playing chess, reading books and spending with small children’s. I worked 1 year as a co-originator at Vikas Educational Institutions, 2 years as a Maths in a reputed government undertaking school, 2 1/2 years worked in a Medical Transcription field as an Admin cum For-matter at Medwrite IT solutions which is number one company in AP of Medical Transcription Field and only 2 Months worked in a Micro finance company as a computer operator in Visakhapatnam. Additionally I learnt MS Office, Photo Shop, Page Maker, typing and some online genuine earning tricks.


Free data entry website author informationI have no strong family support in my life. Always all of our family members are shunting me like your useless fellow, no use of you to born here etc on of my back side. My relatives are also shunting me like that only. But always I told them(family and relatives) like every person has a great day, on that day I will prove myself and answer all of your questions. I have not got any proper encouragement to my family in my life, but mostly got encouragement to my friends mostly 40% only.

Because all of these people(family and friends) inner opinion is like not possible improve high and get money from online concepts. They are always and always advised to me like, do any job and get some monthly salary this is the correct way to improve yourself. But I am not taken any of those advice and proceeded to my interests. In this process I learnt(found) all the online genuine income processes from home in front of my own system(PC). Now I am providing many works from many people from through out the world who wanted to work from home without any investment. Told many people like how to get(earn) money from home in front of the PC(system) with internet connection. At present I nearly helping 2000 people through out the world to solve their financial problems.


I have seen so many unemployed financial problems people in India. Here so many people want to do work individually to solve their financial problems. But they won’t get any work here to solve their financial problems. In India so many people giving work from home with selfish to help people to solve their financial problem i.e. with investment. But they are getting these online genuine project works with free of cost. They are charging some money who wanted this online genuine project work from home people. Also after gave online genuine project work also they taking commissions of that online genuine project works to solve their financial problems.

In this process so much of work wanted people not get(take) any work from home with investment and hesitate from this type of selfish people. So free data entry team are decided to give work to our members and help to solve their financial problems without taking  any investment. Free data entry team will provide all the work details, instructions of the all online genuine project works and free software’s. Our  dollar rates of our team members has already mentioned in our website in the Home Page. If they(members) agree of that dollar($) rate. Free data entry team will provide all the online genuine works, software’s and work instructions with free of cost. Free data entry team are taken so many online genuine projects without any investment from home & now trying get some offline genuine projects works also.


I have a success secret in my life i.e. I was inspired of a situation that came across when I was travelling to Visakhapatnam to Secunderabad in train for my Air force written exam. In that travelling there were four police officers in my compartment travelling along with me. They were discussing about thefts; in their discussion, one person talking regarded his son who was working in a software field at Hyderabad and regarded his achievements. In their discussion I understood that software field is striking good in the present situation.

Free data entry author informationBy that interesting conversation I got inspired & started focusing on software field. For reaching my goal I chosen 1st multimedia field. But I have chosen wrong institution to learn multimedia, then I chosen MT(Medical Transcription) field and joined in one top company in Medwrite at Visakhapatnam as an Admin with 2 years bond agreement. After joined in that MT field I understood this is not the good for me to reach my goal. On that worked time I understood like here MT(Medical Transcriptionist) is too good to reach my goal, then immediately I tried to to join as MT(Medical Transcription). But company not accepted to me to do MT(Medical Transcription).

Then I resigned to that job. Finally I chosen these online works field to reach my goal. After choosing this field I faced so many online frauds and online scams. I worked so many online websites and lost my money nearly $800(40000). After that I have an idea about these online genuine project works and started work in online. After following that online genuine project income methods I started to see my success regularly(daily). Finally I understand only 1 thing in online i.e. ONLINE MONEY MAKING IS NOT A GET RICH GET QUICK SCHEME. If anyone did hard work they will definitely reach their goal and easily solve their financial problems of these online genuine project works. Presently I am earning nearly up-to 12000($270) to 25000($600) PM. I have full confidence on me and I can concentrate more on my work to reach my goal.


Present my main achievements are new version of Apple IPOD, Good reputed company Mobile(Cell Phone) which is the last high cost, Own Vehicle(Byke), Own Car and well designed House. I hope I definitely reach these all achievements soon.





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  1. md.yakoobpasha


    Your really Great. I will pray for future ambitions.

  2. vijai

    Best of Luck Raja. Right things will keep u in right way. Definitely u can reach ur goal.

  3. mimi

    God bless to you Raja from reading your life’s biography i can tell that you are a good person. God will always bless those people who has a pure heart. And also it is so nice to work to people like you who are honest and with integrity. You really are helping thousands and thousands of people to work from home.

    Good work!!!

  4. prasanna

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii Sir,

    This is ur frnd prasanna. All the best for ur goals & god will definitely help u……

  5. geetavani

    Raja garu,

    I am Geetavani from Visakhapatnam. For your free service, god will always bless you and hope you will continue the same with good spirit to reach goals and help unemployed people.



  6. b.rekha rani


    This is Rekha from hyderabad. I am very much interested to do this free data entry jobs. Can I join in this group? Can you give me the details of this job? How to join in this and how to give my details? Can you give your phone number?

    Thanking you,

  7. Venugopal

    Dear Raja

    Great, I really appreciate you. There are no words to pride you that thought of helping to others. Nice Keep it up and All the Best…


  8. venkat

    Nice goals, I am also in same situation. Your site is very useful for me, I will very thankful to u…..

  9. K.Guru Raghavendra Kumar


    Good Testimony, You are Hardworking, Difinitly God will bless you. I am Raghavendra from Anantapur.

  10. karthik

    Hello raja,
    All the best for your goals…
    Nice to see your success story of online earning….
    great going..

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