Viking Age Game

By | June 25, 2016

This Viking Age game came from slot game family with royal casino essence. This is also the high definition game with 3D experience. We can play this game simply in our website without any registration or installing headaches. The front face of the Viking Age game will represent hand carved rock with complex detailing and looks faces from their gods of battle.

We have numerous Viking Warriors ready for battle with us and the rain and the falling snow where the way is not visible properly to walk. Here we face a target and we have arrows to shot it. A female included in this game we have to rescue her to won the Viking Age game.

Before discussing some more about this Viking Age game let us have a look on the working of controls. The instructions have to follow to play this game are as follows. Here Viking Age game on free data entrywe can see Choose Coin button to select the amount of coin while we bet. In this Viking Age game, there is a select lines button. By clicking this we can choose how many lines we want to play.

The bet per line button to choose the number of coins we want at the time of bet per reel. In this game, an option is there to a spin button to spin the reel by clicking it. Finally, there is a Max Bet button that will help us to spin reels with for maximum coins bet. There are 30 different lines and 5 different reels in a row that spin on this game to win or lose in this Viking Age game. There is a very good option that we can bet from 2 cents to $75 on each spin.

While concluding this Viking Age game let us try to know more about this game in real time. The icons of the Viking warriors are the biggest jackpots in real time. If we spin two between three Viking Warriors come up at one time we can win $100 to $750. Finally, if we get five we can win $1250 to $1500.



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