Superman Metropolis Defender Game

By | June 25, 2016

Superman Metropolis Defender hosted by

Superman metropolis defender game

This Superman metropolis defender game sure will give us very great experience. Superman will fly in the sky above metropolis and destroy all the rocks that threaten or injure the citizens of the city. This is one of the best action category flash game. Here in this our Superman must find all the coming metros and destroy them before they hit the city ground. So the main mission in this Superman metropolis defender game everyone must remember or follow is to help Superman to smash all the meteors they hit the city.

Before discussing some more about this Superman metropolis defender game let us have a look on the working of controls. The instructions we have to follow to play this game are as follows. We have to use arrow keys (up, down, right, left), Space Bar, Shift key, and Mouse. In detail, we must use Arrow key up to fly up.

Arrow keys are used like down to fly down, right to move right along the city and left to move left move along the city. In this Superman metropolis defender game use Spacebar for Heat Vision and finally we use Mouse to pause the game or for help also for game music on & off and to restart this Superman metropolis defender game.

Mainly we use these controls to hit meteors to destroy them before they hit the ground. Also, we use these controls for heat vision to destroy kryptonite meteors because touching kryptonite meteors drains, Superman’s energy.

Before concluding about this Superman metropolis defender game lets us gave a look on the game description in brief. In this game is also known as the man of steel or also call as metropolis defender. In this game, Superman worried because the meteors come towards the city to destroy the city.

These meteors are very dangerous as they hurt the people in the city. This Superman metropolis defender game we have to remember each second is our Superman energy supports up to a limit. We can play this game in all browsers for free.



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