Hulk Smash Up Game

By | June 25, 2016

Hulk Smash Up hosted at

Hulk smash up game is a very good game to play online. We can play this game for free on our website. The main concept of this hulk smash up game is we must make hulk go around town and destroy all the things or everything on the way you go or you take the hulk. We can make him damage everything how much we can and there is no limit. As much we make him damage, in that much good for this hulk smash up game. Hulk smash up game is an energetic game and make us feel like we are punching our cities like a hero or our hulk.

Before discussing some more about this hulk smash up game let us have a look on the working of controls. The instruction we have to follow to play this game are as follows, we have to use arrow keys (up, down, right, left), space bar, control key, and mouse.

In detail, we must use arrow key up to climb up. You can use arrow keys down to climb down, right to move right along the city and left to move left move along the city. In this hulk smash up game use spacebar on building to punch or smash the building. Spacebar on the ground to smash the ground and in advanced the cars, tanks, trucks. The control key used to jump and finally we use the mouse to pause the game. You can easily music on & off and to restart this hulk smash up game.

Hulk smash up gameBefore concluding about this hulk smash up game let us gave a look on the game description in brief. In the game make hulk climb all the buildings to smash or destroy them to the ground. In the given time limit. More damage as you can or as possible. Watch out for ground vehicles and ground to smash them.

Mainly to leap, use the control key and the left or right up or down direction/arrow key you want to move in. Smash everything before the time runs out and the hulk changes back into his human as Dr. Bruce Banner. Hulk smash up game comes under fighting games.



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