Heist Game

By | June 25, 2016

Heist is a game also comes to the category of slot machine game. This Heist game is free to download and registration not at all required. In our website gave us a good opportunity to play this Heist game instantly with HD quality and with 3D slots. Before going in depth let us know the meaning of Heist.

It is a robbery or looting precious things. Like money from a bank or museum or some great places. This Heist game is a casino based game no need to worry that we must download casino plugins or software. In our website gave us great benefit can play in any browser.

Heist game on free data entryBefore discussing some more about this Heist game let us have a look on the working of controls. The instructions have to follow to play this game are as follows. In this slot machine game before going to spin the 30 pay line 5 reel, which gives the features heist based themed items including flawless, loose diamonds, foreign currency and C4 explosives.

In this Heist game the chance of pulling the score up to the lifetime. A detective armed with a gun follow us each second. Here the main thing is we have to spin for hours and to get a chance to win huge. We can play this Heist game by choosing one to five coins, and up to $ 1.00 for expensive rollers. On our active pay lines, we can with the cash or reward by making the symbols matching from left to right. Maximum symbols require 3 in a row to score the prizes.

While concluding this Heist game we can say there are some symbols we can observe in a bank heist such as a stopwatch, gun, blueprint etc. Landing three or more in this slot game we will get rewards. Also here we observe some more features and symbols. Like Glass-Cutter symbol, C4 symbol, Cash bonus, Top Payouts, Drill Scatter symbols, Quayle character, Vault bonus round and finally Kowalski character. Landing this Kowalski char on all 5 reels we will get 60 coins rewards per coin.



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